Adriatic IPA

Cross - border students (multilateral) mobility to Croatia

May 7th -11th, 2012 Pula - Porec - Rovinj

In the period from 7th to 11th of May 2012, Azrri Ltd. Pazin as KeyQ's Lead partner, it's Beneficiaries (Vocational Training Centre "Opera Villaggio del Fanciullo" - Italy and Tourist Board of West Herzegovinian Canton - Bosnia and Herzegovina) together with Associates (SCF "Central Vocational Training School" and its associated members CIVIFORM and CEFAL - Italy, Region of Istria, School of Tourism, Catering and Trade - Pula - Croatia, School for professional education "Eugen Kumičić“ - Rovinj - Croatia, Secondary school for tourism and catering  "Anton Štifanić" - Poreč - Croatia and Secondary tourist - catering school Mostar - Bosnia and Herzegovina, participated in cross - border students (multilateral) mobility to Istria.

Participants arrived on 7th May afternoon.

The activities were opened, on Tuesday, 8th of May 2012, at the School of Tourism, Catering and Trade Pula, by the welcome speech by Jasenka Kapuralin, Development Programme Manager from Azrri Ltd. Pazin.

Mrs Lučana Šamšalović, Deputy headmistress and Mrs. Vedrana Brajković, professor of English, introduced the school and its European projects.

Bosnian and Herzegovinian typical dishes cooking lesson followed, chaired by the Secondary tourist - catering school Mostar, Croatian typical dishes cooking lesson leaded by the School of Tourism, Catering and Trade Pula), and Italian typical dishes cooking lesson carried out by CIVIFORM - Vocational Training Center.

Students were cooking under the supervision of their respective cooking professor - mentor (Miroslav Kujundžić from Bosnia Herzegovina, Ljudevit Sabo, Grgo Komazin and Igor Ciceran from Croatia and Amorino Michelutti from Italy).

On Wednesday, 9th  of May 2012 at the Secondary school for tourism and catering "Anton Štifanić" of Poreč, Mrs. Vesna Baranašić, Headmistress, welcomed the students and presented the school activities and the projects implemented. Then Marina Valentić from Agricultural Department of Istrian County held a presentation about the first PDO product in Croatia (Istrian prosciutto). Pauline Malval, a French student who is staying in the Agricultural department of the Istrian County through A.R.E.P.O. association (European Association of Geographical Indications), presented the A.R.E.P.O. association and a new products with PDO and PGI in European regions.
Then followed Croatian typical dishes cooking lessons (held by the Secondary school for tourism and catering "Anton Štifanić" from Poreč) and students were cooking under the supervision of cooking professors - mentors Stanislav Poropat and Željan Peloža.

In parallel was organized a visit to the Tourist Board of Istrian Region, situated in the city of Poreč fore the project team members.

In the afternoon the Italian group had their Italian dishes cooking lesson (Vocational Training Centre „Opera Villaggio del Fanciullo“) under the supervision of cooking professor – mentor Edi Sossa.

On Thursday, at the Italians' community "Circolo", was carried out a seminar entitled "Youth and Europe 2020" (see the programme aside).

Coffee break and final buffet were prepared and served by two Schools of Catering participanting in the project, respectively the Vocational Training Centre „Opera Villaggio del Fanciullo“ and the School for professional education "Eugen Kumičić" from Rovinj.

On the 11th May 2012, the project team members visited the Agricultural Department of Polytechnic of Rijeka in Poreč. The Head of Department Mr. Mario Staver with his  assistants presented the strucutre and activities of the Department. Then a visit to the International fair of wine and wine equipment called „Vinistra“ closed the mobility week.